The Convent Arts Collective


The Convent Arts Collective, San Francisco

The Collective

Welcome to The Convent Arts Collective, torch-bearer of San Francisco’s legacy as a mecca for the arts. In addition to being an integrated live-work space, The Convent plays host to a variety of community gatherings including music, comedy, film & art shows; yoga, dance, and figure drawing classes; a quarterly art show series, and more. Check out our News page to get more details on our next event.


The People
The Conventees (Nuns) are an intrepid family of 24 working (and some student) artists from diverse backgrounds, immersed together in the exploration of a broad spectrum of creative disciplines. Ranging in age from early-twenties to mid-thirties, the Conventees are committed to pushing the boundaries of art and expression, collaborating on multi-media projects and inspiring one another’s daily lives.

The House
The Convent Arts Collective is housed in a gorgeous two-story former nunnery, originally built in the 1890’s (but mostly destroyed in the 1906 earthquake) and rebuilt in the 1930’s, which is the version that stands to this day.  The former nuns’ quarters are now home to resident and visiting artists, the rooftop is now a mural garden, the basement houses art studios, music rehearsal space, and a film screening room, and the original chapel is still in use as a creative space.

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