November 12, 2015

The Convent Presents: First Annual “ART’S NOT DEAD, SF” Group Exhibition

First Annual “ART’S NOT DEAD, SF” Group Exhibition
Opening and artists reception: Thursday, December 3rd, 6-10pm
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The Convent, in conjunction with The Emerald Tablet, is hosting a major exhibition of works and processes by resident artists past and present.

Contributors include:
Rich “DDT” Trapani – interactive tech
Lauren YS – murals
Nicole Salmeri – photography
Gray Tolhurst – painting, mixed-media
Ariella Robinson – photography, mixed-media
Gabriel Gold – sound-art
Michaelangelo – painting, stainspotting, multimedia art
Neil Dimonds – wood-printing
Ivonne Rendon – fashion design
Siobhan Rodriguez – jewelry
Jonny Cat – painting
Ryan Zweng – painting
Henry Lipkis – murals
Ricky Bowman – poetry
Marissa Balonen-Rosen – classical piano
Andrew Joron – music, poetry
Neeti Fidurko – film, mixed media
Jamie Schwettman – body-painting
Rachel Nagelberg – painting
Christopher Baldwin – photography
Alex Viett – painting
Inga Loyeva – painting
Jesse Balmer – live painting
Elizabeth Grunsky – painting
Leslie Mueller – painting
SFAI Video Class – video