August 5, 2016

The Realms of the Autogenous Self Art Show

Last month, we hosted our quarterly group art exhibition at the Convent entitled Realms of the Autogenous Self. This show presented works centered around the freedom and boundaries identity places upon us from 19 different artists residing in the Bay Area and visiting artists from the Magoski Arts Colony. The exhibition was curated by three Convent residents, Leslie Mueller, Jen Fedrizzi and Christopher Baldwin.

The night created a space for artists and art lovers to gather, mingle and catch some live performances in the Chapel from more Convent residents, Gray Tolhurst, Sweet Eddy Undertow, Gabriel Gold with Joshua Cook, and Johnny Nguyen.

If you missed this show, don’t worry! We have another one coming October 7 and we’re accepting submissions now! Here’s the open  submission call:

The show is looking for works that explore the materiality of sound. We are interested in how sound shapes and is shaped by our interaction with it via architecture, electronics, the body. etc. What is the sound of be-ing?

Looking for installations, sound-objects, and performances. Open to all media. 


Please email submissions to

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from the opening of Realms of the Autogenous Self by Jen Fedrizzi and Emiel Harmsen.