Gabriel Gold

Sound Healer, Composer, Voice Teacher


Gabriel Gold

Gabriel Gold, a founding member of the Convent Arts Collective, is an internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, sound healer, composer & acoustical researcher, specializing in sacred resonant spaces.

Wordless vocalization is the heart of both his solo and choral work, a foundation he often accompanies with the handpan, crystal singing bowls, and selected exotic, ethereal sounding acoustic instruments.

From facilitating the longest running, weekly singing/toning circle in San Francisco, to hosting monthly sound healing concert/workshops, Gabriel has personally supported thousands of people on the journey of developing a fulfilling relationship to their singing voices, and through such, a deeper spiritual connection.

As a composer, Gabriel studied film composition under Keith Heffner, colleague of Kitarō(喜多郎), composing scores for a number of short and feature films. Since coming across the Halo Handpan 6 years ago, Gabriel has been drawn to explore musical composition for dance, yoga and meditation, having since composed the musical scores for four feature length ballets with Labayen Dance Co. and Mudita Arts Ballet, and for renowned yoga teacher Sianna Sherman’s internationally acclaimed yoga DVD Praṇām (प्रणाम).

Gabriel has toured throughout much of the USA, Europe, & Australia, performing in churches, cathedrals and other sacred resonant spaces. In addition to his solo international tours, he’s toured Australia as a featured member of Grand Mother Drum, a transnational group of musicians and healers, working in and fundraising for Aboriginal communities, performing, teaching, and facilitating ceremony.

When at home in San Francisco, Gabriel performs regularly in collaboration with renowned yoga teacher Darren Main for Yoga on the Labyrinth, a weekly 700+ student class taught inside Grace Cathedral.

From his installation in the De Young Museum’s “Three Gems” (architectural artist James Turrell’s resonant sculptural dome), to performing inside Chartres Cathedral in France, recording in Australia’s Wombeyan Caves, exploring the cairns and caves of Ireland, and visiting the many sacred sites along Spain’s Camino de Santiago, Gabriel’s interest in and passion for sacred resonant spaces has been definitive in his life and work over the past decade.

His most recent album, “Halo”, released in 2014, is composed of a series of recordings done along a two year pilgrimage to sacred spaces around the world. A selection of acclaimed reviews include;

“Music for film and ballet meets music for healing; a powerful collaboration” – SF Guardian

“A mystical, Angelic voice and music that moves one to journey through both the deep joy and sorrows of the Soul.” – Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA

“Having the power to transport listeners to that elusive, quiet refuge inside every human heart.” – Yoga Teacher, Darren Main