Hillary Andujar

Production Design, Art Direction, Costume, Mixed-Media Installation Art


Hillary Andujar

Hillary Andujar is a production designer and installation artist capable of making anything, with a knack for the dark, quirky, and surreal. Though home is Oakland, she works all over the globe with names like Woody Allen, Tim Burton, Terri Timely, The Wachowskis, La Blogothèque, and Google.

When she’s not working on films, she creates installations and multi-sensory experiences, often involving psychedelic costuming and performance elements. She collaborates with underground organizations that push the boundaries of immersive art, from designing trespassing parties in unbelievable locations accompanied by elaborate narratives to creating invite-only art excursions.

She’s also a collage artist, a synesthete, a symbolist, a mystic, an expert dreamer, and an adventurer.