Jen Fedrizzi

Medium: photographer and activist


Instagram: jenfedrizzi

Jen Fedrizzi is an artist and activist with a deep curiosity about how humans connect to themselves and their external community. She grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, wondering about the tall palms and lush lawns that dotted every neighborhood in the sprawling, arid county. This inquisitiveness brought her back to the Owens Valley, a place she frequented as a child never knowing how it was connected to her hometown. There, she journeyed on foot with the Walking Water pilgrimage to understand the complexities of water management in southern California and human’s relationship with water. This sparked her life long quest to reveal how humans have exploited the environment and her desire to find a better way to live in harmony with nature.

Between taking workshops on sustainable building and permaculture, Jen works as a freelance photographer in San Francisco. Her work has taken her into hundreds of kitchens where her camera pinpoints culture’s revealing connection to food and the souls of the people who make it.

Jen prioritizes using her art as activism and recently has been studying cultural consumption and waste habits. She organized a performance art piece called “Our Sophisticated Denial” where she and Kat Culture swam in a window display full of trash collected around San Francisco. She plans to continue educating people about their effect on the environment and to support a social shift in how culture utilizes precious resources.