Joshua Cook

Songwriter, producer, vocalist, guitarist,
actor, writer, model, and autodidact


Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

Joshua Aaron Foxworth Cook (known in-house as “Cookie”) is a world-traveling time-tumbler whose lifetime passion for music and art has propelled him from humble origins in the Midwest and Deep South to composing and performing rock’n’roll, hard R&B, and deep soul on stages across the United States, Europe and Japan.

joshuabw-jfedrizzi(photo by Sister Jen Fedrizzi)

Cookie joined The Convent in early 2015, developing a basement recording facility while writing and performing both locally and internationally. In 2016 he produced three full-length debut albums for fellow residents Michaelangelo, Gray Tolhurst, and Eddy Undertow, has worked on various sessions with Mark Sandusky, Michael Grant, Neeti Fidurko, and Julian Bendaña, among other artists in the Concentric Community.

His latest production, entitled Believe, is a brand new full-length album by his very own group Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, and was recorded largely at The Convent. In addition to recording and producing it (as with his previous release), Cookie also mixed and mastered the entire album here at The Convent.

In October of 2016, Cookie returns to his family homeland of New Orleans to establish a base for touring the eastern states; in November he returns to San Francisco to perform and record Eddy Undertow; and in December he flies to Australia for a solo tour of the East Coast. From there, who knows what the future holds for him?

“He’s an artist to the core, a creator and conveyer of passion, grace, humility. An animated and authentic storyteller. A wanderer with an eye for California and an ear for rock and roll. His vitality simmers in conversation as it is when he’s on stage, owning a sound he calls ‘rock ‘n’ roll, deep soul, hard R&B.'”

—The Bay Bridged.