Madeline Grace Fauss

Composer, Vocalist, Electronic Music Producer, Healing Artist, Ritualist and Dancer


Lux Moderna

Madeline Grace Fauss has a dynamic presence across the U.S. and abroad as a sound and movement artist, ritualist, educator and facilitator of transformative embodied experiences. Madeline’s gifts as producer Lux Moderna serve as a platform for authentic expression integrating human consciousness with the creative essence of the universe.

She merges the sacred and physical scales of existence into creation, connection, beauty, catharsis and healing. Her work is always informed by strong theoretical and experiential background in therapeutic sciences, two decades of movement studies, including Kung Fu, Qi Gong, belly dance, Kundalini Yoga, Butoh and a heart-centered foundation of meditation.

Madeline possesses a performance ethic and energy that harmonize in her community projects such as serving as the visionary and co-founder of San Francisco’s The Center SF and the Research Director for the Stillness Studies Institute. Her expressive depths are engaged through on-going study and collaborations with Bad Unkl Sista and her training at the Hoshindo Healing Arts Institute in the ancient art of Hoshindo: The Way of the Bee, yet another extension of her work and play with vibrational medicine.