Writer, bard, painter, musician/composer, performer, filmmaker, actor


Void & Imagination

Michaelangelo is a multimedia artist and storyteller from The Netherlands. This Astroverted EntheoGentleman distills essences into illuminating images, sounds, and words, infused with his sixth sense of humor. His paintings are like experiential maps, leading viewers to treasure chests that harbor the human heart and celebrate the sensation of seeing. His ongoing, pareidolia-based project “stainspotting” is street-art in the truest sense of the word and a great, simplified example of his creative process; the project utilizes literal street stains wherein thought-forms are plotted and outlined with chalk. The result is like cave art on concrete.

Through written and spoken word, performance, music, and visual art he intends to instill a sense of contemplative wonder for the mystery of the moment, inspiring others to see the creative possibilities that can be conjured like color from the white noise, and sharpening the tools with which our human stories can unfold and be told.