Neeti Fidurko

Motion Graphics, Design, Fine Art, Filmmaking, Music, Professor, Friend

Tree in the Sky
Who Would Jesus Date?



Neeti is a bright, happy person with a genuine, contagious laugh, and a unique personality & sense of humor. Besides making catchy and unique videos for the award-winning motion design studio Tree in the Sky, Neeti is a filmmaker of Who Would Jesus Date? (a comedic short of biblical proportions), released Summer 2015, and an adjunct professor. Neeti likes non-sequiturs and runonsentences. Hi!

Neeti taught motion graphics at the graduate and undergraduate level atRochester Institute of Technology for several years before moving to the warmer left coast. She currently teaches motion graphics design at San Francisco State University.

Neeti is also an established artist and musician. She has displayed her art publicly, and played keytar with the renowned freak folk band 23 Psaegz for several years.