T Sam Pierce




T Sam Pierce is an energetic, extraverted, and experienced people person and a full time video editor. In his daily life, he enjoys hugging, eating, and dancing to house music whenever he gets the chance. Like many of the artists in the house, T Sam loves nurturing his plants and doing yoga on the roof, among many other house activities. His favorite local places that he frequents are Iza Ramen, Black Sands Brewery, Duboce Park or Alamo Square (where the dogs are) and Marshall beach in the summer time – his favorite season. As a thriving queer male, T Sam finds himself very socially involved in the LGBTIA community, and finds joy in expressing who he is. On the weekends, you may find him at The Stud dancing the night away or at lonestar for a drink with friends. For work, Sam spends his days cranking out promotional or storytelling narratives for clients of various types. He is very passionate about human relationships and telling real stories through how we live and create.